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Posted by ndeanmoseyjr on Sep 5, 2007

My workspace ranks in the upper realm...8 or 9. I have a 40 by 50 shop as I'm a woodworker by profession. While I build predominately custom furniture, the shop wasn't initially set up for boatbuilding and consequently, I've had to move some things around a bit. Most of my machinery is somewhat mobile so this isn't a particular handicap. Since starting my MC13 a while back it has been interesting to study client reaction from a sociological prospective. On the average most people think the boat is really "cool". A large number always ask if "it's real" or am I going to "cut it in half to make bookcases" like they do in the country-craft shops. But the percentage of folks that always amaze me the most are the ones who come in the shop and literally, don't even "see" the boat. Doesn't particularly bother me but I find it interesting how so many folks can simply be about themselves and unobservant.

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