Re: Rate Your Workspace

Posted by David Warren on Sep 5, 2007

My workshop is something else. My house is on a hill, and underneath has been dug into the hill, giving me three (yep, three) two-car garages and two massive workshops (essentially the entire footprint of the house, repeated downstairs). We only have one car and a motorbike, so we use one garage for the car, one for the bike, and one for building the boats. All have remote operated doors. An internal staircase.

One carpentry workshop (clean and grease-free, wooden benches with linoleum tops, etc) and a mechanic's shop (metal topped benches, vises etc) and one workshop left over which has a refrigerator, tv, sofa and a wine cellar. Did I mention that the entire house, upstairs and down, including all the garages and workshps, is centrally heated with hot water radiators scrounged from demolition yards (cheap to run and don't move dust around).

I'd take credit for it, but it was built in the 'fifties by its previous owner, an amazing old engineer who has since died. He went to England during WWII to help reverse-engineer the V1 flying bombs. .

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