Re: Kayak Selection Table

Posted by CLC on Sep 6, 2007

>>>>>Yes, the selection table has not been updated for a while (hint, CLC). >>>>>>>

Yessss, noted. The West Coast Tour has disrupted the sysiphean toil of the Web Team; two-thirds of it (John & Matt) are here in Port Townsend this moment sharing a stodgy laptop. We shall fix it.

>>>>>>(SIS, Ducks). Any sage advice for a novice builder / kayaker?>>>>>>

The Wood Ducks are 10% quicker to build, but O! what a cool kit the Sea Island Sport is. Just as tight a kit as ever was cut, like Legos or something. So, get the Sea Island Sport for a little more speed and je nai se quois, or the Wood Duck 12 for its adorability and utter impulsivity of use.

Sea Island Sport

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