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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 6, 2007

Actually, you ought to be determining the bulkhead locations for yourself no matter what you're building or what the instrux say, if you wish to achieve the best tailored fit and cockpit convenience. The only location you must pinpoint is the start point: where your own center of gravity goes.

For example, after locating the "butt-goes-here" point in a hull, I locate the footpeg rails with the pegs in the aft positions. Hey, I have short legs, and any adjustment made for the accomodation of others is most likely going to be for longer legs; reverse if you plan to let children take it out. Then, I like to carry a small ice chest forward of the foot pegs, so I include sufficient room for it. Then I know where the bulkhead goes.

I like having room behind the seat to carry miscellaneous items, usually trash and empty water bottles, but slope the top of the bulkhead towards the coaming for easier draining.

Cheers, Kurt

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In Response to: Front Bulkhead location by Kyle Lindstrom on Sep 6, 2007