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Posted by LeeG on Sep 6, 2007

I built a Patuxent 17 which is simply a skinny CapeCharles17.

Your estimate is as valid as anything off a drawing, besides it'll vary according to the size of the Chesapeake. 4'6" is good, might be snug for someone with 34" inseam. Just remember the back of your backband doesn't rest on the back of the coaming but about 3" forward. While the CC is an efficient hull there are better designs out there. The weathercocking invites the use of a skeg or rudder although it's lean to turn characteristics are good. The low volume bow will make for submarining in any kind of waves above 12" or so. If you reinforce it to handle conventional rescues you'll spend a fair amount of time/materials on hatch/bulkhead/deck details.

If this is just meant to be a learning experience or quick and dirty construction why not throw it togther with out bulkheads and hatches using removeable float bags as the original design started?

The original instructions on the patuxent had 2 layers of tape on the interior joints over 3" wide fillets with no interior glass cloth or deck glass. IIRC the book reduced that to one layer of interior tape. Structurally speaking you don't have to use such heavy tape with 6oz glass cloth on the outside. If you spot glue and remove the wires you can make the fillets smaller (3/4" is plenty big) Then use glass cloth over the entire interior about 2" above chine joint/fillets. Eliminating 3" tape entirely will make a much neater interior. The whole process of putting 3" wide tape over wet fillets is based on the Yare/Severn. It ends up being messier than necessary and especially redundant if you're going to use interior cloth.

oh,,yeah,,4'6" should be fine.

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