Re: SOT question

Posted by Mac on Sep 6, 2007


I'd paddled Sit Inside kayaks for a few years before I built the straight tracking Sea Island.

You bet it's a different way of turning as you can't knee hang.

You can hip dip a little and sweep with your paddle grip shifted as much as you can. (I'd love to use a Greenland paddle for this, but without a sprayskirt and no drip rings you get a very wet lap!)

The SIS ia also a VERY straight tracker, so you have to plan your turns well in advance. Most plastic Sit-on-Tops are squat little tubs that spin on a dime - VERY different from the SIS.

If one can get a spray skirt for the Ducks, I'd really recommend GP's.

All in all, the SIS takes a little getting used to for seasoned kayakers, but the two types of craft are meant for somewhat differnt applications. I used the SIS on hot sunny days where I'd cook in the sit insides.

In more challenging conditions, I'd "wear" the conventional yaks.

The ducks will come somewhere in the middle I'd guess.

Boy, CLC's got us covered from puddle jumping to all-out drag racing don't they?


In Response to: SOT question by Bob Santore on Sep 6, 2007