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Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Sep 6, 2007

Lee, Thanks for your awesome comments. I bought the plans way back in 1993 and am finally getting around to building this kayak as a learning experience. I have been doing a lot of reading and searching so I could update the kayak as much as possible. I did change the cockpit opening to incorporate knee braces. I also plan to spot glue it together and remove the wires. I will use 3 tape on the interior seams and a full layer of glass on the exterior and a layer of glass in the cockpit. I also want to install flush hatch covers. The kayak will be used on local inland lakes and maybe a trip now and then on Lake Superior and Michigan so I'm not too concerned about submarine effect in high waves. I also planned to get it in the water first to determine if I needed a skeg. If I thought I needed one I would probably make a fast and dirty one and duct tape it on so I can if it would be an improvement.

As (Red Green, from local PBS) would say about a duct taped on skeg...."This is only a temporary fix unless it works!"

Thanks for you help!


P.S. I'm a Yooper from Michigan. I only live a little more than and hour from Lake Superior and an hour from Lake Michigan.

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