Re: Kayak Seelection Tabl

Posted by DaveP on Sep 6, 2007

Given I am a complete novice at buiding and paddling the MC 13 is probably a good start point. The SIS looks interesting from an unsinkable and easy exit/re-entry angle, as I'm finding it hard to see myself doing any fancy rolls, wet re-entries etc at this stage! The MC looks to have a lot more space for gear. I'm also liking the idea of some kind of sailing rig as I'm lazy at heart and would get a real kick out of a free ride ;-).

A Duck or a SIS might be a good #2 project... from what I've read on this forum 'it aint possible to stop after 1'!

Now look at that, with a bit of guidance and coaxing I think I have my answer!, thanks Jim

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