i want to paint my kayak.

Posted by GCarrell on Sep 7, 2007

i am ready tp paint/varnish my kayak and i have decided to go with the two-tone black hull/varnished deck look. I have scoured through all of the posts here and i am more than a little confused... i understand that to get what i want, i need to tape off the area i will varnish, paint it, then tape off the painted area and varnish the rest. but then i read where someone has painted over their varnished boat and it worked fine.... my question: Can't i just varnish the whole boat, let it cure, tape and paint the hull and be done with it? do i need to put some kind of protective coat over the paint? i am sorry if these are silly questions, but i just dont want to make mistakes on my dream kayak :) and of course Thanks!