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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 7, 2007

I gather that you must have read one of my earlier posts. First, you will be using an epoxy paint such as Rustoleum or a recommended marine paint (same thing). Epoxy-epoxy bonds are stronger than epoxy-varnish bonds. Personally, I'd never paint on varnish for the above stated reason. Take your time, tape off what must be taped off and thus ensure that all paint bonds are strong.

Your kayak will inevitably get banged up. Any surface coatings that are not bonded strongly will flake off in bits and pieces, sooner or later. An "epoxy paint" bond on varnish coating bonds only as strongly as the varnish bonds to the epoxy work on the glass. You want your painted surface to last as long as possible so ideally you should allow the epoxy paint to bond to the epoxy on the glass. I have treated my kayaks this way for 7 years now to good effect. My kayaks do require touch-ups from time to time but I am very rough with them. Hope this helps.

Robert N Pruden

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