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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 7, 2007

If you want to protect the bottom of the hull then you do not want to use paint. You want to use an epoxy-cabosil (silica) mixture. Use a 10% v/v mixture of graphite powder/silica/epoxy, coat at least three times and you'll have a hull surface that sharp rocks scratch but can't penetrate unless you hit them with very hard force. The grapite powder acts as a lubricant and the cabosil creates a harder finish. The mixture should be easily spreadable and spreads nicely with a quality foam brush (not the cheap dollar store brands). If you want, you can use the mixture to paint other parts of the kayak as well. Be warned though: refinishing the graphite mix coated surfaces requires a lot of sanding because it is a very abrasion resistant finish. Hope this helps ya more.

Oh yeah, in hindsight, Charlie's suggestion seems ok to me since I bang up my paint work so much I redo it every two years anyway, so varnish then paint away.

Robert N Pruden

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