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Posted by Dave Houser on Sep 8, 2007

Adding affixed skeg to balance weather cocking makes the kayak much harder to turn. I prefer to move the paddler (the seat) back to balance out weather cocking. The trouble is the seat can only be moved so far without moving the cockpit coaming and you do not know how far to move the seat without test paddling in a crosswind. And of course the bulkhead locations are determined by the back of the cockpit and the location of the paddler�s feet before the deck is installed. So it is difficult to get the bulkheads in the perfect location on the first kayak.

So if it were my project I would: Locate the front bulkhead as far back as possible with the seat at the plan location. Leave the rear bulkhead out temporarily. Install the deck and glass the hull and deck. Cut an undersized cockpit hole, seal the cut edges and test paddle the kayak in a safe bay in a good crosswind move back until the kayak is wind neutral and measure the paddler location. Allow 4 to 5 inches behind the paddler�s back to locate the coaming (easier to roll not being too close). Install the coaming. Make a pattern and install the rear bulkhead at the rear edge of the cockpit opening. Install the foot braces. Varnish, rig and paddle.

I moved the seat on my standard Ches 17 back three inches to balance it in the wind and have never regretted it.

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