quick access to stuff...

Posted by GCarrell on Sep 9, 2007

i am a photographer and when i kayak, i become a photographer in a kayak ;-). so...

what method do the experienced kayakers use for quick access to their gear when they are on the water?

1) a "day hatch" 2) a "deck bag" 3) a small backpack or 4) a spray skirt with a couple of watertight pockets (this is my current set-up), and i carry one of my cameras in a ewa-marine WP bag on a chest strap.

it clasps to my spray skirt when i am not using it and then it is just a quick unclipping and i am ready to take pictures... but this only allows me to have quick access to my simpler camera set-ups. i would like to be able to use my better(i.e.-bigger) camera/lens combinations.

thanks all for any advice you have!