Peace Canoe questions

Posted by Jerold Wenger on Sep 10, 2007

1) Anyone in the Seattle/Tacoma area who has built or is building a Peace Canoe? 2) What protects the bottom of the canoe on rocky beaches - besides the paint - in other words, when the paint is scratched, what protects the wood? 3) How fast does the 3M 5200 adhesive dry, allowing for working with joined panels/parts? 4) What is the cost of shipping for the Peace Canoe? 5) What are some less expensive, yet durable, types/brands of finishes? 6) (Related to Q#5) Have the Peace Canoes that have been built in a weekend been in the water the same day they were finished? 7) How much do canoes of similar dimensions to the Peace Canoe weigh?