don't see any reason not

Posted by Charlie Jones on Sep 12, 2007

to do that. I NEVER ever allow filets to cure before I tape them anyway- makes for a MUCH smoother filet and no need to sand the raw filet.

On the 20 foot I'm currently building ( NOT a kayak) I did all the interior work then turned the boat over ( 2 chain falls) and THEN clipped and pulled wires and did the outside work, right up to having it ready to paint. Then I turned it back over and finished all the up top and inside work, interior painting, etc. Then I'll hoist it back close to the ceiling and spray the exterior.

Whatever works for you- by the way- the key to limiting your epoxy is roll THIN coats, clean up drips and runs WHILE THEY ARE WET, and making filets, etc as small as practical. Rule of thumb- 4 MM ply- the filet in the center of it's curve need be no more than 4 mm thick. Any thing over that is excess.

and don't obcess over weght- be careful, but no need to get all anal about it- the water you'll put into the boat when you get in will be as heavy as that second coat of epoxy-*BIG GRIN*

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