Re: i want to paint my ka

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 12, 2007

First, assuming you don't live in the tropics, the hull won't heat up much since it is submerged when used and when stored, it isn't in the open sunlight and therefore isn't at risk of being cooked. I have always painted my hulls black (graphite/cabosil mix) and would welcome more heat coming through than what I have experienced. Then again, I live in Alberta where the average daytime temp is below 20 C. Even when temps do go over 30 C, the inside of my kayak heats up only because I tend to keep a sprayskirt fastened and the heat gets through the deck.

Second, if the weave of the cloth shows through the paint, then insufficient epoxy was used to fill the weave during construction. A proper job of glassing during initial construction of any kayak involves adding enough coats of epoxy so that the final surface is smoother than a baby's bum. If the weave is showing through after wear, then it's time to do some epoxy repair work.

Robert N Pruden

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