MC Bottom short ?

Posted by JoeB on Sep 13, 2007

while setting up the bottom of the MC 13 kit, I checked the measurments from the plans and then measured the bottom. to make sure everything matched up . The plans plans show 12 stations at 12" and one station at 5 7/8 total of 149 7/8 ". Taking that measurment I measured the bottom with the scarfs together . I came out with 147 7/8 ". If i separate the scarf to the measurments from the plan , I have a 2 7/8 " gap between the scarfs . I only dry laid the bottom pices till I made sure the length was correct and the measurment was taken at centerline . Did I measure wrong or could these have been cut wrong? Being on a CNC machine I would doubt this but things happen .