Re: what will bond to pla

Posted by eric on Sep 15, 2007

This would be the easiest to do.The seat rides on two pipes,I could just turn it around and square the back off.Do you think sealing the plywood with resin is good enough?or should i cover it with cloth and seal only the edge?Now back to bonding.will a fillet stick to plastic or should I just use silicone?origanaly I had visions of making stations and building 1/3 of a boat and it probably would cost almost the same as buying another boat.I would like to build a ceder strip boat but have never worked with resins before.dont want to mess up an expensive project and thought this one would be good to learn on.Can anybody recomend a must have book or should have before attempting to make a real kayak?thank you for all your input.

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