Re: filling staple holes

Posted by theo on Sep 17, 2007

Assuming you used a manualy operated arrow staple gun or equivilant, no, not necessary. It wouldn't be overkill either to take a swipe at those litle holes as you're doing the fillets anyway if, as we all do, make a little more resin/woodflour than we need. I've built 2 strip boats on forms every 12". It neither looks bad nor very noticable, I simply allowed the resin as is to fill the holes, the boats were glassed inside and out. Just fill any depressions to level with the surrounding plywood with an easily sanded epoxy thickener. After its levelled (sanded) and 'glassed and painted, only you know where it's been filled. Actually, my opinion, I feel that a boat such as a kayak looks better with hull painted and deck varnished as opposed to bright (varnished) all over. It defines the shape of the boat better.

In Response to: filling staple holes by Jeremy on Sep 17, 2007