most of it, yes

Posted by Charlie Jones on Sep 19, 2007

You'll still have SOME from the UV inhibitors in the gloss varnish anyway, but a couple of gloss coats first is the way to go.

The way semi gloss and matte ( or satin) finishes work is that when the finish dries, it shrinks around the microscopic particles of talc ( or whatever is used) thus defracting the light. Clear or gloss finishes have no additives so the light goes straight through and bounces straight back. That's the reason you lose the depth when you use a satin finish.

Also the reason you must stir semi gloss and satin materials where you don't need to stir gloss. In fact you shouldn't stir gloss- it can introduce air bubbles which can be a bear to get rid of. Besides, there's nothing in there that needs stirring.

Grin- and thus endth the lesson.

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