Ches 18' build order

Posted by Anton on Sep 20, 2007


Due to a workspace at about 0 on the scale (Have to build my Ches 18' outside in a unpredictably rainy Dublin ROI), is there a problem in the following work order. I would like to get the hull waterproof as soon as possible:

1) Cut all the panels out and prepare S&G Hull. (as normal ) 2) Tack the joints between the wires to keep the shape. 3) Remove the wires 4) Glass the outside of the Hull 5) Turn over and fillet and tape the joints and finish the inside.

By doing it in this order once the Hull is glassed it can remain outside upside down under a tarpaulin, but don�t need to worry if the hull gets a bit wet and gives me a bit more time to work on the inside.