Re: leaky boat

Posted by Chris J. on Sep 20, 2007

When I saw the deck stain on Emily's kayak I wondered if:

a) The combination of water and heat within the hatch area contributed to the deck stain.

b) Is one coat of epoxy (as per manual) really enough for the underside of the deck panels before installation?

While returning from vacation I encountered heavy downpours on the highway and I ended up with some water under the flush hatches of my MC16.5. I unloaded the kayak onto our deck and left if for 2 days (hatches unsealed but in place) while I was busy drying out the rest of our gear. On the second hot and sunny day I noticed some uneven darkening on the top of the rear hatch cover. Upon closer inspection I could see that the darkening was exactly showing up between the areas of the ribs/tape. I also noticed a slight darkening on the deck which exactly followed the underside hatch doublers. I concluded that the extra epoxy protection around the hatch ribs and doublers somehow protected the adjacent top visible areas from the darkening which I assume was due to the hot/wet condition under the hatches...but I also assumed that one coat of epoxy would have protected the surface from such changes.

I also noticed that in the areas where some water had sat under the hatches, especially the taped area where the bottom panel meets the hull, the epoxy has clouded (no UV exposure at all). Any chance of cleaning this up?

Thanks for bringing up the topic Emily...I'll be reading with interest...and I hope there is a fix out there.


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