did 2 Cape C's

Posted by theo on Sep 20, 2007

Working conditions sound similar to mine, very similar. Did that 2 years ago, kind of sort of followed instructs from WoodenBoat mag with the added stress of my dad going into hospital while I was building the 2 Cape.C.'s. Even so, on what I've read here I will stitch/tack/pull wires out and then fillet. Anyone here ever tried tarping while building; I was thinking to use this plastic drift fence so the tarps would not be in intimate contact with my build, by-the-by, it's a Ches-18 for my buddy. The 2 Cape C.'s were a father, daughter thing and I, we are in the process of refurbishing them as well...Thinking after all that, should have me a Sassafras...hmmm...14?...16?... I weigh over 200lb, almost rules out the 12.

In Response to: Ches 18' build order by Anton on Sep 20, 2007