Re: did 2 Cape C's

Posted by Anton on Sep 21, 2007


Not Rhode Island but just across the pond in The Ireland (Land of Guinness, leprecons and far to much rain - had 50 straight days of it this summer, well if you call that summer).

I hopefully will be able to cover it during construction. I am also going to make it sectionable (Two or three pieces, still to decide). Will cut it into sections as soon as possible, most probably as so the hull sections are tacked together. Will glass around the hull and onto the bulkheads, inside and out for extra strength. Thus will be able to work on smaller sections and can hide the others away in a garden shed until needed.

Still a bit concerned about the strength of the bulk heads and hopefully wont over or under engineer them.

Thinking of using 12mm bulkheads with a short center stay about 15cm high and long that is at right angle to the bulkhead and down the center of the boat. This will be fully filleted and glassed in place.

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