Progress, Cape Charles 17

Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Sep 25, 2007

Yesterday I decide to take the afternoon off so I could do some kayak building! I wanted to put in the internal seams on Sunday but had too big of a "Honey Do List". Weather here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan changes fast. Temp Monday was 86 degrees and now the rest of the week the highs will be in the 60's so Monday was the perfect afternoon to do the seams. Took 3 1/2 hrs and got the seams done. I taped off the seams to make a cleaner look and used saw dust and microballons to get a matching color. The temp was on my side because by the time I finshed filling the seams and pulled off the tape they were set good and ready for tape. Everything went fine and I think it looks pretty good. Glad I had some experience working with fiberglass layups in the past. I did not put epoxy in the cockpit area between the bulkheads. I want to have a good surface for the cloth in the cockpit. Now I just need a few more warm days to do the rest of the cloth.

Any way, below is a link to some pictures.


Cape Charles Progress


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