Re: Mill Creek damage

Posted by CLC on Sep 25, 2007

No one ever anticipated wood-epoxy boats being used in whitewater above Class I. Sometime it's done, but it shouldn't be.

In a general sense, you can bang these boats up. Scraping over rocks on moving water is not going to harm a Mill Creek 16.5, nor will the occasional collision. If you plan to make a habit of it, add some fiberglass armor. (Inside AND outside is advised to increase the section modulus of the bottom panel.)

We possess the most emphatic demonstration of these boats' durability: our traveling demo fleet. All looking good---come and see---but never were wooden boats so abused, including a lot of hard drops on concrete and mistreatment on rocky shorelines. They get scratched up.

If you can build it, fixing one of these is elemental.

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