Back In Business

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 25, 2007

Howdy gang, just a note to say I'm back in the boat building business once again. I got a few pesky jobs out of the shop, the rain in Texas has moderated - at last!! - and I was otherwise running low on excuses.

I'm building a Northwest Canoes "Merlin", a 15-6" world-reknowned solo canoe (never mind that nobody's ever heard of it). I have lots of excellent reasons for building a canoe, although I can't remember what any of 'em are at the moment. It's gonna be cool.

Anyway, I'm mentioning it here because several people are wondering when the heck I'm ever going to get back on it. So now you know. Thank you. I'll post a pic or two as soon as I have something to post a pic of. I'm just putting the strongback together right now.