Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 25, 2007

Boats/kayaks with the insides glassed fair better than those with none on the inside when it comes to surviving rock bashing. It's the inside glass that resists cracking.

That said, when I went through that class 6 rapid years ago, my kayak was very heavily laden with food and gear. The first big rock ledge I hit (or that hit my kayak...sounds less incriminating this way), cracked the hull right under my sorry azz. Without all that gear, I am sure the kayak would have shot over the rock ledge and maybe I might have made it through. Never did go back with a plastic tub to test that theory. I'm keeping my options open on the concept of revenge at present. Somebody get me angry so that I turn green, grow bigger muscles, experience shrunken brain cells and tear my clothes to rags. I believe that is what it will take to get me to go run that rapid again.

Robert N Pruden

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