Re: Mill Creek damage

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 25, 2007

If you can build it: you can repair it! That is what I tell folks who seem interested in building wooden boats/kayaks but aren't sure about their structural integrity. In the long run, it's way less expensive to build coz you never have to replace the boat/kayak - just do a minor repair (or major in my case) and get it back on the water. That said, my kayak is built with glass inside and out, has kevlar in the cockpit, heavy end pours, ash rubstrip on the stern keel and brass stem band on the bow keel, and (whew!) a healty layer of graphite/cabosil coating below the waterline. All that and she only weighs in a 45 lbs. Makes a great ice runner. Not much hurts it - well, 'cept I seem to find unusual ways to damage it above and beyond paddling.

Robert N Pruden

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