Re: Back In Business

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 26, 2007

Well, what use is there of messin' with this forum if Larry Price ain't here? I mean come on, if he can hang out in beer joints instead of contributing to the collective knowledge, then so can I. But I guess we're both living proof that you can only lissen to "If I Can't Be Number One In Your Heart, Then Number Two On You" on the juke box so many times before you just gotta get outa there.

Then GCarrell amuses me with "Damn, i do miss TX... it is raining torrentully (new word!) here in MO..." The word is 'torrentfully', sir, but by golly you were close. I won't even start correcting your perceptions of regional weather patterns... (rolling eyeballs till it hurts)

Robman, Tony and I are STILL waiting for your Texas trip. When you get here, you can explain that fancy new word you used. Normal? What dat?

George, I may be reformed, and done with my "Kurtspeed" builds. Would you believe I've been working for two days on just the strongback alone? Man, but I'm tellin' you, it's a KILLER strongback. It's just amazing what you can do if you take a little time and do a decent job...

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