Re: Bulkhead install help

Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Sep 27, 2007


The bulkheads went in last night. Check out the link and you can see how I made my templates for the them. It took maybe 5 minutes to make the templates. I then cut them out of foam board and checked them for perfect fit before cutting them out of wood. After the seams were in all I had to do was sand the corners of the bulkheads to clear the seams and they fit great. I really like to pay attention to detail so I took the time to tape off the area around the bulkhead fillets so they would look nice. There are a couple of close up pictures of the fillets. My cloth showed up CLC yesterday so tonight I plan to put the cloth in the cockpit. Friday afternoon/night fill any dings or imperfections on the exterior of the hull so I can put the cloth on later Saturday or Sunday. Temps around here are dropping so I need to get as much done as possible ASAP!


Cape Charles build progress

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