SH16 V2.0 Pics

Posted by JEE on Sep 27, 2007

I built a Shearwater Hybrid 16 the winter before last and then made some radical alterations to the cockpit and hatches this past winter. Thougt I would post some pics of the new version. I originally had the seat too far forward a situation made worse by sitting even farther forward to facilitate layback need room to arch your back over the coaming...but the trim/weathercock was a big problem. So I cut the cockpit out ala Kurt Mauer and built a recessed cockpit in the right spot. The flush hatches were beautiful but leaked too much...mostly my fault, so I built carbon fiber recesses and installed kajak Sport water tight hatches (dry as a popcorn fart). I love the boat now. The lower Knee hight is a big help...seems like everybody wants lots of bend in the knees but if you got em' low and locked in you get really nice control...So here are some photos of the new version and my recent Block Island cicumnavigation. Hope you enjoy.

SH 16 Paddles Around the Block