Re: Good youth Kayak?

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 27, 2007

You have two choices that I know of. First is the Tom Yost SOF Sea Flea, plans free (I think). THis kayak uses an aluminum tubing construction wrapped with nylon or whatever is best. The Guillemot site ( Builder's Forum has lots fo info on how to build one of these. Apparently, it's a very easy build. The other kayak that I know of that is specifically designed for young children and that is very easy to build is a new design from Waters Dancing, not yet advertized. You can contact Donnie at [email protected]. This kayak is a very light design (no glassing involved) that can be built easily in two weeks. Email me for more info on either kayak. I do not know if CLC has any kiddie designs so you'll have to depend on the comments of other fine folks here to learn more.

Robert N Pruden

Yost Sea Flea

In Response to: Good youth Kayak? by Kyle Lindstrom on Sep 27, 2007