Another Varnish Q?

Posted by Rosco on Sep 30, 2007

The gloss, how to get the gloss? Sailing season is winding down with my beautiful PMD, the Lil' Rajah. It was subjugated to much abuse by trailering it a bit and was sequentially a little scratched. So I sanded it down and am re-applying varnish. I wasn't quite happy with the first time I had applied varnish anyway so this time I was determined to do a better job. Read up on the literature, I wait for the real nice 65 degree days here now, low humidity. The varnish is going on real smooth, Interlux Schooner. Doing all the things to keep the dust and contaminants scooted away and am using a foam roller (and have a good Wisconsin Badger brush ready to go.)* By and large I am real happy with how it looks but still the overall finish after 2 (yeah I know only 2) coats is still a bit pocked. Will the nice mirror-like coat develop after another 4 coats or so? It's not really like I want a finish that looks like the quarter-inch of acrylic you might see on the wood on the bar at the local pub. I'd just like it a little smoother. Maybe the wood wasn't sanded smooth enough to begin with? I just don't know, being such a neophyte at this. Anyway, even if I can't comb my hair (what little of it that is left) in the reflection, I'm still really happy with how it overall looks. Cheers!

*OK not really a Wisconsin Badger, couldn't help myself. Anyway I don't think the pocking is cuz of the foam roller. I'm happy to use the brush more and maybe I'll try that for coat 3 & 4 and will see what happens.


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