Re: Cup-in-a-cup?

Posted by Camper on Oct 1, 2007

I use a digital scale for small batches, works fine for me, though most folks on this forum do seem to prefer the various liquid measure techniques. I've tried calibrated syringes and calibrated cups, but find them a bit of a nuisance except for really tiny batches.

With a scale, you just use whatever container is handy, don't need a calibrated one.

For the amounts, you simply squeeze out as much resin as looks about right for the job. It's nice not having to measure it when you don't know how much to measure.

Then squeeze the hardener pump till the scale reads the desired number and stop. Mix, use, and throw the cup away when you're done.

Now, Kurt will scold me if I don't give the following disclaimer. "Do whatever works best for you."

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