It's REALLY simple

Posted by Charlie Jones on Oct 1, 2007

Mixing tiny batches is really a simple thing- use a measuring stick. I've done RAKA, MAS, WEST, SYS 3 and other brands, down to almost a teaspoon full.

First requirement- you MUST have a straight sided container. The inner cup part of a spray can lid works very well. I just run themm into the band saw and cut away the outer segment, leaving a tiny, straight sided mixing cup.

Then get a small square ended stick. Mark the stick at the resin amount you want, say 2 increments up (the increment is up to you) and go up one more increment and make another mark. This for a two to one. Five to one mixes will of course have 5 increments and one more for the hardener

Now, hold you stick into the little cup vertically and pump resin in until it comes up to your first mark. Then move over and pump hardener in until it comes to the second mark.

Mix and use- wipe down the stick after you use it to stir and it'll be good for next time.

I've used as little as 5/16ths WEST with 1/16 hardener which gives a pretty small amount of resin.

With the two to ones, it's even easier.

Meade Gougeon showed me that trick at an Experimental Yacht Association meeting in St Petersburg in 1978.

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