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Posted by Mike Davis on Oct 1, 2007


Some good day trips in Central VA would include the Mattaponi from Zoar State forest to Aylett. It's only a few hours even against the tide and the drive to the takeout is only a couple of miles. We did it on the SUnday of labor day and saw no one until we got to the wider part of the river close to Aylett and saw a couple of motorboats.

The Appomattox from Genito Road to Winterpock (or Bevils Bridge) is pretty good too. I haven't been there in years but we used to float it often in the 70's and 80's. You will be isolated and likely see no one else on the river but camping is a different matter. There are also no public roads or places to pull out from Bevils Bridge until you get into Lake Chesdin.

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