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Posted by LeeG on Oct 1, 2007

not exactly, the Shearwater has more flare in the side panels than the 17lt and lower side panels than the A.Tern. Compared to the 17lt it tips more easily (more v in the bottom panels and narrower) and compared to the Tern the sheer dips below the water sooner (lower volume,less freeboard) losing buoyancy/leverage from the leaned side panel.

The higher volume that comes from taller flared sidepanels in the A.Tern gives more time to play on the lean, some might call it secondary stability(a misnomer IMHO) but it doesn't do anything for primary stability. The reason for suggesting the 18Merganser is that the extra length in the same beam boat provides some stability for your height/weight. It's still a lower volume hull than the 17LT or A.Tern. I'm pretty sure the Shearwater17 has less volume than the Ch16.

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