Re: b) one coat of epoxy

Posted by LouA on Oct 1, 2007

I read this thread just after I put the deck on my PAX 18 following the instructions for one sealing coat on the underside before installing the deck. I could have put on several sealing coats, because I prebent the deck to its 12 inch radious using several tiedown straps and let it sit for a few days. So the deck was sitting there and I could have put on the sealing coats and the deck would have pretty much held the 12 inch radius. As it was the deck was easy to install after the straps were removed. I first did this when building the hood of a soap box racer when I was a kid.

This might solve the sealing problem for others in the future, but now I am worried about absorbong water in my PAX 18 deck. I am painting the whole boat, so I am not concerned with staining. However, I am concerned with any extra weight. This boat needs to take me 70 miles down the Susquahanna in the General Clinton race next Memorial day, and I do not want any extra weight, especially on the portages. After reading this thread, I am considering pouring something like Thompsons Water Seal into the forward and aft compartments, closing the compartments, turning the boat upside down and sloshing the liquid so that it has a chance to find any pin holes. Has any one tried something like this? Any suggestions on what sealer to use? Lou A

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