A good idea ... BUT!!! ..

Posted by Jim L on Oct 3, 2007

I really liked this idea because I always prefer making the things I need. So, I Googled it and, believe it or not, found carbonfibertubeshop.com

And they do carry the stuff someone would need to make ferruls; 1.00"ID/1.12"OD for the inner sleeve, and 1.125ID/1.245"OD for the outer. The problem is that the smaller size is $137.10 for 60" (the shorthest length the sell ) and the larger is $156.38 for 60". (This sure does seem like a lot of money to me!!) A ferrule requires 14" of the larger diameter and 7" of the smaller. If one was interested in making 8 of these units (I only need one) then you would need one of the smaller size, and 2 of the larger; total cost of about $450, or $56 each. That is more than the featherable ferrules CLC sells. Maybe I have happened on the wrong supplier, but unless the tubes are available for a lot less $$ elsewhere, then it's not a DIY project.

It was still a good idea.

In Response to: Re: Ferrule for GL paddle by Derik S. on Oct 2, 2007