Re: boat choice

Posted by FrankP on Oct 4, 2007

Okay, you've got me by an inch and about 10 pounds, though I don't think I carry 15 pounds of clothing when I'm paddling, so let's say 1" and 20 pounds. (I'm 6'1 and 174 pounds in street clothes.) I have you by an inch or so inseam though, since I have a slightly over 35 inch inseam.

The Chessy line is a great bunch of boats. The 17LT in particular is a good fitting boat for someone your size, with very high initial and secondary stability, from my experiences with it. I haven't paddled the Arctic Tern, so I have no comparison there, unfortunately.

The sheerwater is a very pretty boat, that will have a lower initial stability, but still retain a good secondary stability. (I personally think all the CLC boats have a good secondary stability). Again, I haven't paddled the Coho to compare it. The WR18 is a nice fast boat, but to me it felt like a big boat. I personally wouldn't have it in the line up of choices, compared with your others. It's a good boat, but I felt like I was paddling a barge.

In Response to: boat choice by Mike Coughlin on Sep 30, 2007