Re: boat choice

Posted by Mike Coughlin on Oct 4, 2007

Thanks so much, FrankP ... et al ... for your candid impressions. VERY useful ...

> The WR18 is a nice fast boat, but to me it felt like a big boat. ... It's a good boat, but I felt like I was paddling a barge. <

I've found so little (impressions/reviews etc.) on/about the West River 18 ... and, even within the CLC line, I was trying to figure out what gap it filled ... compared to other CLC boats, like the C17LT, Shearwater 17 and Arctic Hawk.

At this time, my impression is that these are ALL very fine boats i.e. ANY one would do, just fine, thank you ... and that whatever differences/preferences are quite subtle, indeed.

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