Re: Good youth Kayak?

Posted by FrankP on Oct 4, 2007

I'll second Robert's vote for a skin on frame, though I'm not a big fan of the sea flea designs in aluminum. I like doing the wood work, so the same boat can be built for less with wood. Or a more traditional design can be easily built. Counting the PVC skin and glue for two boats (a 14' greenland SOF and a 16' Baidarka SOF), I spent $110. That's wood, PVC, glue, and deck line.

The best thing about these is you can build them just slightly larger so the kids can grow into them, without blowing a huge chunk of cash. They're also substantially lighter than other options so the kids can carry them without [much} help.

I started my daughter's boat when she was 9. She's about to turn 12 and still loves it.

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