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Posted by LeeG on Oct 4, 2007

the WR18 didn't fill a gap as much as it's an evolution on the WR180(straightkeeled 18' multichine kayak) to provide better maneuverability as the straightkeeled WR180 was extremely hard tracking, "barge-like" is not a description I'd use for th wr18 at all.

The Pax kayaks and the WR18 were the first CLC kayaks that required temporary framing elements in the ends to develop the shape. Up until that point all the designs were some variation on stitched panels formed around two bulkheads that weren't really essential to forming the hull.

Like the Chesapeakes there are some limits to how much of an arc the sheer can take up to the ends using one piece of plywood for the deck. That results in some practical as well as aesthetic compromises in that the flatter aft deck ends up looking more brick like other kayak designs with some upswept curve. Maybe that's what FrankP is refering to. From my recollection the view from the cockpit felt like the bow was dipping down to the water even though it wasn't.

From a handling standpoint the WR18 is a nicer handling kayak. I don't recall it's weathercocking charateristics but it's lean-to-turn characteristics felt more normal than the Chesapeake series.

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