Re: weight

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Oct 5, 2007

In my experience, no. I've built a couple S&G's, three hybrids, and a few strippers. I'm leaving a couple boats out, but I'm old and can't remember stuff any more. Anyway, it's a curious thing, but the hybrids always seem to come in lightest for me. My last kayak, a self-designed ultra low volume Greenland style affair built as a hybrid, weighs 28 lbs.

My 18' x 21" Outer Island stripper weighs 36 lbs, and my 16' x 22" Squeedunk Cormorant hybrids weigh 40 and 35.

I think full S&G is gonna be heaviest every time. I don't know that for a fact, but I see cedar strip/fiberglass composite construction as being about as light weight a building method as you can hope to see without getting exotic (kevlar, honeycomb, etc.).

S&G is FAST to build, though, and that's why I like hybrids so much. You can whip out a hull in no time, where the weight penalty (of plywood construction, if it exists) is minimized (in my imagination). The deck is the easiest thing to strip that ever wuz, and it's lightweight and great looking too. Result: most bang for least effort according to Kurt.

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