Re: turning ability

Posted by Mike Coughlin on Oct 6, 2007

Thanks SO much, LeeG, for taking time to provide such colorful, descriptive answers. I hope others benefit as much as I have from them.

> The Shearwater always feels like it's in a slot with little tendency to slide sideways or slew in a turn. a kayak that is simply maneuverable doesn't necessarily "carve turns" as you would edges on skis. `funny you should mention that. Though it wasn't my intention to make up terms, I *HAD* been thinking along those lines, when trying to imagine how 'chines' and 'rocker', physically, works.

I noticed that the Guillemots (surf boats?) have broad flat bottoms (to provide some secondary stability for their long-narrow approach?). I was imagining that Guillemots, probably, slide a fair bit ... especially in waves?

> The WR18 is a significantly bigger boat than the Shearwater17 Except for some slight tippiness the Shearwater/Mergansers are a good compromise in tracking/control. ), a Shearwater 17 might suit my needs just fine?

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