In Texas...

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Oct 6, 2007

We have mud and sand. Where I am, near Galveston, you literally have to drive for two hours to see a naturally-occurring rock. I mention this cuz the Rob-Man makes a great point -- although probably by accident -- that the layup you use makes a HUGE difference in weight. And what sort of layup you go for has everything to do with where and how you aim to use yer yak.

I go sppplllfffttt on mud a lot (that was supposed to be a rasberry sound effect, Mr. Spellcheck... how'd I do?), instead of going BAM! on rocks, so I can use the lightest layups with a clear conscience. But by golly, YOUR mileage may vary. Pay attention now... this might be important...

Crap, now I owe Rob even MORE frosty Guiness for that little dig. Oh well, it was such great fun.

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