Re: Warped plywood

Posted by theo on Oct 7, 2007

I live in Ontario, Canada and we have our own version of dry and damp weather, plywood is still plywood wherever it is. No I wouldn't weight it down. I suspect if you were to flip your topmost sheet which is likely the most warped it would flatten as the other side dries. I believe it's more a matter of one side of the sheet being covered and the other exposed side drying much more quickly and thus contracting while covered side reacts more slowly to weather conditions. You should be able to lay out your cut lines and once cut into strips the only noticable weather reaction you'd get is a lengthwise warp as the warp widthwise over 9" or 10" or 11" would be virtually unnoticable. Having never expirienced the Santa Anas how extreme is the warp, how far does the 4'X8' panel lift at the corners.

In Response to: Warped plywood by Mark on Oct 7, 2007