Re: Warped plywood

Posted by Mark on Oct 7, 2007

Hi Theo,

I'm building from a kit, so the panels are already cut out. A section of the bottom panel that is 8 inches wide has warped about 1/2 inch across the 8 inch width. Lengthwise, the ends have curled up about an inch at each end over an 8 foot length. I think your idea about one side of the wood drying out more quickly is probably accurate, since all 8 panels were stacked in my garage and they are warped different amounts. I was going to glue the scarf joints today when I noticed the problem. When I put weight on the panels near the scarfs, the panels flatten out near the scarfs, so I went ahead and glued two of the scarfs. If they come out OK I'll glue the other other scarfs in 24 to 48 hours. Of course, the weather will probably be different by then!

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