Re: Mill Creek 16.5

Posted by Norm on Oct 8, 2007

Tom, I too welcome you to the fun life of boatbuilding! I echo Chris' thoughts: the Milly 16.5 is a great build. I've just finished mine, and as soon as I get my paddle finished, she'll be on the water this weekend. She's a wonderfully easy boat to build...very forgiving in many respects.

My greatest fear was scarfing. However, after some practice pieces, it went farily well. Just be patient, and it will pay off.

I also agree with Chris' advice to remove the stitches prior to the filet work. Review posts relating to tacking with the thickened epoxy.

Glassing was a challenge, but as mentioned...patience will be your best friend!

Also, make the choice now to become a friend of sanding! And as many have said before me, sanding CAN become therapy! As a matter of fact, I found the whole experience very rewarding....there is indeed something to be said about "finding a zone" in the building process.

As far as your novice status....GREAT! I'm not a woodworker. I teach music at a small private college, and the only woodworking experience I ever had was in 8th grade wood shop! And even then my teacher wasn't all that thrilled with my birdhouse! Ah, if he could see me now! HA!

Finally, even though I might risk rasberries from others here, in the final estimate, all that really matters is completing a boat that gets you safely on the water. While we all hope that our Ladies are fair both to the eye and on the water, the real test is simply getting her to float, to get you out and into the grip of creation, and enjoying the soft splash of a paddle in the water. Small imperfections won't ruin a heartfelt experience of creating sopmething out of nothing, so-to-speak.

I wish you the best... Keep us posted!

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